Why Now?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

A New Opportunity, A New Start

The story of the Munger’s transformation from struggling to make enough money for food, to becoming successful entrepreneurs is not an isolated event. Over the course of the Munger Lifestyle, we have witnessed some drastic changes in people’s lives, changes that they would have never thought possible before entering our program.

Isn’t it time you began transforming your life?

Seize the Day

With the Munger Lifestyle, you have an opportunity to stop the cycle of financial instability, and finally get the lifestyle you’ve dreaming. With our expansion into new, untapped markets, the potential for growth is at an all-time high, and for those who take this opportunity, this could be the chance of a lifetime. The question you must ask yourself now, however, is “will I take this opportunity?”

We are Jeff & Maggie Wildey from Naples, Maine. I have a background in sales and 20 years of failure in relationship marketing. My wife is a dental hygienist and spiritual healer. In our first year we were able earn as much part-time as we did with our full-time jobs. Our second year we tripled our full-time income and were able to leave Corporate America. We are truly blessed to be mentored personally by Dale and Vanessa. Without their help our business would be a shadow of what it currently is.