We’re Scott & Kacy Christiansen from Las Vegas, Nevada. Our backgrounds are Real Estate/Mortgage Broker and a stay­at­home mom. We got started with Nerium a few short years ago when I was introduced to the product by Vanessa Munger, who also knew I was desperately looking for an opportunity to make money from home. We had lost all of our investment properties including my car during the crash of real estate in 2011. Financially we found ourselves not even being able to afford a $10 permission slip for one of my sons. We joined Nerium International on a leap of faith and borrowed our belief in ourselves from Dale & Vanessa. Dale promised they’d be there every step of the way, helping us earn our iPad, our Lexus after two months, an all­expensed paid trip to Cabo & the 50k Live Better Bonus, ALL in our first year in the business. This stay­at­home mom was able to generate a six­figure income in the first 12 months and soon after was able to retire Scott from his W­2. We know for a FACT that we couldn’t have done it ourselves without the support, belief & love the Mungers gave us. FOREVER grateful.
I knew Dale and Vanessa when they were struggling financially, and yet even then, they had their same loving, sharing and caring attitude despite the adversity they faced. Before Nerium came along, as a friend, I could see that even though on the outside they were smiling, they were worried about the uncertainty of the future. Dale and Vanessa jumped into Nerium fully from the get­go, while I positioned, but watched inactively from the sideline. Over the course of the next year, through poor decisions of my own, I lost everything financially and emotionally, as I watched the Mungers’ lifestyle change and their income explode as they helped and blessed countless people. When I finally got myself active in Nerium a year later, beaten down and lacking confidence, it was the support of the Mungers and other friends that pulled me out of my hole. Today, because of the help and caring of the Nerium family, my life is so different and abundant, and most importantly, happy. I owe so much to the Mungers: Dale, Vanessa, and the boys, and I am forever grateful to them. They are family.
We are Jeff & Maggie Wildey from Naples, Maine. I have a background in sales and 20 years of failure in relationship marketing. My wife is a dental hygienist and spiritual healer. In our first year we were able earn as much part-time as we did with our full-time jobs. Our second year we tripled our full-time income and were able to leave Corporate America. We are truly blessed to be mentored personally by Dale and Vanessa. Without their help our business would be a shadow of what it currently is.
Tony and I started with Nerium when the company launched into Canada and very quickly learned what an incredible choice it was to partner with Dale and Vanessa Munger. Tony works in construction sales and I worked in education and am an author. Never have we had mentorship and support like we have received from Dale and Vanessa. Within 2 months we earned back our initial investment, our iPad bonus and drive a FREE Lexus. What’s even more rewarding, with Dale & Vanessa’s mentorship we have helped 9 people earn a free Lexus bonus since July 2014. I no longer work for anyone but myself and am earning more money now than I ever did working for the government, we are among the top earners Canada and are very close to retiring Tony from his other business. Joining Dale and Vanessa Munger on their Nerium journey has been the best business decision we have ever made.
I was introduced to Nerium in April 2012. At the time, I was a single parent & stay at home Mom. I didn’t have a ‘Network Marketing’ background and started my business sharing the product. I saw results quickly and was shocked. I shared the product and business opportunity with everyone I knew. I posted my before/after pics on Facebook and people contacted me wanting to sample this amazing night cream. I built my Nerium team one customer/one brand partner at a time. I went to Real Results Parties constantly. I showed up at my weekly market party with guests. I went to my monthly Regional Training. Dale & Vanessa Munger were there to help & support me and my team from day 1. I am thankful for their friendship and their continued support. I was struggling with depression and grieving the loss of my Mom (cancer & the death of my ex-husband from a heart attack at age 40). I didn’t realize my life was about to change. I hit NMD in my 4th month in the business and have helped multiple people do the same. This incredible Company and Nerium family has supported me and encouraged me to be a better person and help others change their lives. I am now able to support my family, have zero debt and time freedom. I love helping people change their lives and their skin! I am forever grateful to The Munger Family and I will never forget where I came from. This business can & will change your life, if you are coachable and follow the system in place. I am looking forward to traveling the Globe with my friends and helping people achieve their dreams.

Lexus Earners