Not long ago, Dale and Vanessa Munger were themselves praying for solutions to financial woes. They were the owners of a once successful business, but it was now failing. They found themselves getting just getting enough money for rent, to the point where even buying milk was becoming a struggle. To top things off, their son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, a blow that was made even worse by the fact that they lacked insurance. This all changed when the Mungers started the Munger Lifestyle, the radical new system that is transforming lives across the country.

Knowing our family is taken care of and helping others motivates us. – Dale Munger

You would assume that anyone who heads an organization such as the Munger Lifestyle would be naturally charismatic and have a predisposition for sales, but in actuality, Dale Munger was quite shy. Prior to starting the Munger Lifestyle, Dale got his start as a real state appraiser. Although he is now comfortable giving speeches in front of large audiences, there was once a point where his shyness prevented him from speaking out at even small gatherings. This almost stopped him from getting into sales, but after learning how to connect with people on golf courses and at neighborhood barbecues, he realized that sales was actually about sharing with people, and not actually selling to them.

Today, Dale and Vanessa Munger are the heads of the Munger Lifestyle, and are the proud parents of two boys. They enjoy working together, as well as traveling with their children across the world.

Dale & Vanessa Munger: A Real Life Success Story

The story of a family struggling to get by completely reinventing their lives to become top-level business professionals sounds like something from the movies, but for the Mungers it’s a reality. They are two examples of real life success stories who were able to take charge of their lives and become the successful entrepreneurs they always knew they could be. In fact, the Mungers experienced so much success that they even became the top earners for Nerium, with over $600 thousand in sales.

In having such success, the Mungers always like to ask others “why not you?” Isn’t it time to start following your own dreams instead of helping build the dreams of others? The Mungers have had such amazing results with their Munger Lifestyle system that they are looking for people just like them to pass on their methods of success. Despite their success, Dale and Vanessa have never forgotten where they came from, which is why they have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others through the Munger Lifestyle. So if you are interested in living out your dreams, the Mungers want to help! They invite you learn more about the Munger Lifestyle and to contact them if you would like guides for your success!


We are Jeff & Maggie Wildey from Naples, Maine. I have a background in sales and 20 years of failure in relationship marketing. My wife is a dental hygienist and spiritual healer. In our first year we were able earn as much part-time as we did with our full-time jobs. Our second year we tripled our full-time income and were able to leave Corporate America. We are truly blessed to be mentored personally by Dale and Vanessa. Without their help our business would be a shadow of what it currently is.